Tip Top Cleaning are experienced professional window cleaners in Brighton & Hove. We provide a reliable, affordable window cleaning service to both commercial and residential customers.

Our residential & commercial window cleaning service offers complete flexibility, whether you want a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or six weekly then Tip Top Cleaning can accommodate you.

Cleaning windows to a high standard with minimum disruption is what we achieve.

With every window clean the frames and sills are included at no extra cost.

Locked gate? We offer an optional free text service at 7:30am on the day of your windows are due to be cleaned. This insures your windows never miss a clean.

Tip Top Cleaning’s residential window cleaners may clean your windows whilst you are at work, if this is the case then we will leave you a receipt stating the amount owed and the date of the clean. A same day payment via a faster payment is required if possible.

No Ladders means no holes in your lawn or flower beds, no damage to window sills and no risk of cracked roof tiles from accessing those hard to reach windows.

We are always looking to expand our window cleaning service in Brighton & Hove and the surrounding areas so please do contact us for a free quote.

Window Cleaning Industry

Tip Top Cleaning can tell you that the window cleaning industry has changed completely over the past 10 years since the introduction of the 'water fed pole' window cleaning system. This huge change has definitely removed the need to climb up and down ladders on a daily basis therefore reducing the risk of injury from falls. Tip Top Cleaning truly believes in this window cleaning system, and the safety it gives to us and other window cleaners.

Water fed pole window cleaning explained. Laboratory grade pure water is the end product of a purification process called reverse osmosis. This involves mains water being forced under pressure ( 80 - 100 psi ) through a set of pre-filters then along into one large commercial 40/40 r/o membrane to produce water measuring around 010 parts per million (ppm) the final process using de-ionisation resin polishes of the whole process and brings the water down to 000 ppm ensuring 100% pure water. 

How does pure water leave windows streak, smear and spot free? The end product of the reverse osmosis process is water that has been completely stripped of all the natural minerals commonly found in mains water, including any additives that may have been added during the water treatment process.

Reverse osmosis water acts as a natural and Eco-friendly cleaning agent. With all the impurities removed it will now absorb dirt and grime whilst breaking down any other deposits such as bird mess.

Unlike the traditional methods where cleaning solution is used, there is no grime attracting residue left behind with pure water.

The dirtiest window in most homes will commonly be the inside of the kitchen window as this is where tap water from the sink splashes onto the glass leaving behind water marks and limescale staining. However pure water will dry on glass without leaving a trace.

The introduction of the 'water fed pole' has revolutionised one of the oldest trades. Windows can be cleaned to the highest standards from the safety of the ground without the need for expensive access equipment.

This method is quicker, safer and more efficient than the traditional ladder and bucket window cleaning alone.

Tip Top Cleaning clean windows 45 feet high and clean windows to a high standard from a standing position with both feet firmly on the ground.

Using a water fed pole to clean a window is the safe alternative to traditional ladder methods.

Please click here for further information regarding the HSE working at height regulations.

The flow can be controlled and the pure water is pumped through microbore hose up carbon fibre poles to specialist window cleaning brushes. The frames and sills are cleaned first and then the glass removing all of the dirt. We then give the windows a final rinse and then simply leave them to dry naturally without the need to squeegee.